Updated below. Saralyn Gayle Portwood is a high school special education teacher and coach in Texas who has been arrested for an alleged improper relationship with a 17-year-old male student.

Saralyn Portwood

Photo: Saralyn Gayle Portwood

The 30-year-old Saralyn Portwood (mugshot above) is a special education teacher and assistant softball coach at Princeton High School in Princeton, Texas which is approximately 50 miles northeast of Dallas. Her name is variously reported as Saralyn Gayle Portwood and Saralyn Wade Portwood.

According to The Dallas Morning News quoting from official police sources, Portwood was arrested by the Collin County Sheriff’s Office on suspicion of an inappropriate relationship between an educator and student. She was released on $10,000 the same day.

The alleged victim is a 17-year-old male student, but not a special education student, according to a quoted source, the Princeton ISD Superintendent Philip Anthony, who also notes that when the school district received information of a possible improper relationship, they contacted authorities who are now investigating. The district also suspended Portwood from her job.

As for details on Saralyn Portwood’s bio and professional background, the school Web site lists her as a life skills teacher and an assistant softball coach. A report from myfoxdfw.com also confirms that she was a first year teacher with Princeton ISD and that in the aftermath of her arrest and the ongoing investigation she has been suspended from her job.

Some details are publicly available via her Facebook page. She is the married mother of one child. Her husband is also employed by the Princeton ISD.

*Update: In a subsequent report in The Dallas Morning News, some details of the allegations were made public via the affidavit. The alleged victim said that Portwood had complimented him on his appearance and said he was handsome. He also says that she would inappropriately brush up against him and text him. The victim further alleges that he told Portwood several times the he was not interested in becoming involvd with her and that “she persisted, and he did not know how or who to tell.”

The teenager described a particular incident in the affidavit. Portwood had called him into her office and she pushed him against a desk, pulled down his shorts and proceeded to perform oral sex on him. After the incident, despite the alleged victim telling the teacher he didn’t want to communicate with her she kept texting him and asking him what was wrong and why he treated her that way.

Check back for more updates on this developing story.

Photos: Saralyn Gayle Portwood
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