Janice L. Rusk is a former teacher’s aide in the special education department of a Jasper, Missouri high school. She has been arrested and charged with felonies including statutory rape and statutory sodomy for an alleged sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student.

Janice L. Rusk

Photo: Janice L. Rusk

The 43-year-old Janice L. Rusk (mugshot above) was teacher’s aide at Jasper High School in Jasper, Missouri. Her full name is Janice Lorene Rusk and she is a resident of rural Carthage, Missouri. She resigned from her job during the investigation of the alleged incidents.

According to the joplinglobe quoting the school district superintendent, school officials found out about the alleged incidents when a staff member at the high school heard talk among students and informed the principal who reported it to authorities.

A investigation was then conducted by school officials, Jasper police and the Jasper County Sheriff’s office. The paper quotes from the official arrest affidavit which states that the 16-year-old alleged victim, a male student at the school, alleged that he had exchanged text messages with Rusk and that the two had met at a bridge in the Jasper region and had sex after she told him that he could not tell anyone about it.

The newspaper goes on to note that Jasper County sheriff’s office arrested Janice L. Rusk and charged her with second-degree statutory rape and second-degree statutory sodomy. After posting $5,000 bond she was released. The investigation is not complete and, according to a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office investigators are looking into the possibility that Rusk may have had sexual contact with other male students.

No other details of Janice L. Rusk’s bio and professional background were reported other than the confirmation that she resigned from the job she held at the time of the alleged incidents.

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