Georgia Eden is a model and beauty queen who has been kicked out of the Miss England pageant for posting topless selfies. But photos were for charity, to promote breast cancer awareness. Yet she has been tossed out like a scandal-ridden contestant, of which we have seen many.

Georgia Eden

Photo: Georgia Eden
Credit: Twitter

The story of the 22-year-old blond model has gone international. She was until now an unknown local competitor in the Miss Oxfordshire pageant, a preliminary competition leading up to the Miss England pageant.

She Tweeted the image in question (which you can see above) which is clearly not in any way scandalous or pornographic. It had the hashtags #breastcancerawareness and #coppafeel. The latter is for the Coppafeel campaign in the UK which encourages women to do breast self-examinations routinely. For her there was added personal significance as she had lost a close friend to the disease.

According to the Daily Mail, the organizers of the pageant — via a spokesperson, Beverley O’Neill — told her that she could not compete because of the topless selfie photo she had Tweeted in March which they deemed would bring the pageant into “disrepute.”

O’Neill is quoted as saying, “‘This woman has got her boobies all over the place. She is all over social media with these pictures of herself… she wants to be a glamour model she is into all that stuff, Loaded and I don’t even know what. It is worlds apart from our contest.”

Georgia Eden said she felt “demeaned” by the ruling, and noted that not only does her modeling agency — Mode London — have a no topless policy but that they were the ones who suggested that she take part.

She is quoted as saying, “I have been made to feel cheap. The photo is implied topless – but there are no nipples on show.” She added, “I have never posted a topless image. I have never even gone topless on a beach.”

She has won widespread support on the social media that the contest organizer has disparaged. It leads one to wonder what “world” the competition inhabits that would not see the significance and indeed the importance of Georgia Eden’s actions. Now, of course, while bringing her fame it has also brought some attention to the cause she is devoted to while pointing out a prime example of how beauty pageants can be anachronistic in this day and age.

Fame is fame, as they say, and now of interest are the Georgia Eden biography and background details. They are highly sought along with the pictures of the beautiful model who has taken a courageous stand. She is a resident of Abingdon, England and as noted, is a model with Mode London. She is active on Twitter as well as Instagram and Facebook.

She has a boyfriend, Kieran Cochrane, also 22 years old who is an Abingdon United footballer. He is quoted by the Oxford Daily Mail in full support of his girlfriend, saying, “One-hundred per cent, this doesn’t make sense. She took this photo herself, to help a charity.”

Check back for more details, as this is a developing story. Perhaps the pageant organizers will reverse their decision. Barring that, no doubt we will be hearing more about this story and we’ll be sure to update when we do. Meanwhile enjoy a full gallery of Georgia Eden pictures below!

Photos: Georgia Eden
Credit: Instagram, Twitter

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