Lauren Urasek is a Manhattan woman who has been named the most popular on OKCupid, the online dating site. As her story makes headlines many are curious to see photos — which can be found here right here — and find out more about the beautiful tattooed woman with long, jet-black hair and why and how she became so popular.

Lauren Urasek

Photo: Lauren Urasek
Credit: Facebook

The 23-year-old New Yorker Lauren Urasek is a makeup artist and she was so named “most popular” for getting the most messages. It’s unchartered waters for sure as presumably one joins an online dating site to start dating, to enter a relationship or even a marriage rather that to become well known for desirability as for the number of messages. At one point, one would hope to get many messages from one special someone.

But international fame and your story going viral? That’s what happened with New York magazine carved out a story from her online dating success. It started with a dating profile — user name nebulaeandstuff — which simply stated that her height is 5-foot-five and that she is “curvy.” She defines herself as an atheist and an astronomy geek and also says she doesn’t “get intimidated easily.”

And as her fame has exploded, she herself has not exactly become shy and retiring. She has a blog in which she shares the kinds of messages she has gotten from men. On the popular blog XOJane she also shared a first-person account of her “It Happened to Me” account of her OKCupid.

In her own words she noted that “The negative side of having so many options is having so many options. I have gone on first dates where at the end of the night I’m unsure if I would go on a second. Maybe I would choose to go on a second date if I didn’t have new offers every day. That person could be the love of my life if I let the relationship develop further, but I don’t necessarily have a reason to go on a second date if I’m not blown away by the first.”

One would imagine that some might take her dilemma as a challenge to be that one man who manages to get that second date.

It’s a fascinating story and indeed one that could only unfold in our milieu. Lauren Urasek’s biography of course is much more than the effort to date, and one wonders how the story will continue to unfold now that she has the attention of the world focused on her dating life. For those who want to follow the story there is the aforementioned blog on Tumbler where you can see a number of messages she’s received from men that range from profane to pathetic. She is also on Facebook and and Instagram in particular where she has posted numerous photos. But no need to go hunting around, you can see a full gallery of Lauren Urasek pictures are below!

Photos: Lauren Urasek
Credit: Instagram, Facebook

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