Sammantha Bartley is a teacher in West Virginia who has been arrested and charged with sexual assault for an alleged sexual relationship with a student who was 17 years old at the time.

Sammantha Bartley

Photo: Sammantha Bartley
Credit: Facebook

The 25-yaer-old Sammantha Bartley is a teacher at Pocahontas High School in Marlinton, West Virginia. Her name is variously reported as Sammantha Britton Bartley and has also been misspelled as Samantha Bartley.

According to a report in The Inter-Mountain quoting from the criminal complaint, the alleged victim contacted the West Virginia State Police and told them “he had had sexual intercourse” with Sammantha Bartley at Pocahontas County High School “on three separate occasions” in 2013. At that time he was 17 years old and was a student at the school and Bartley was his teacher.

The alleged victim also told police that while still in school as well as after he had graduated “he continued having sexual intercourse” with Bartley “on numerous occasions” her residence and that the sexual involvement continued until December 2013.

The newspaper goes on to note that when police interviewed Sammantha Bartley she “confessed to having sexual intercourse with the victim” but denied that it had ever taken place at the school or when the alleged victim was under age 18. She said that at school they had kissed and held each other “but that was it.”

She was arrested by the West Virginia State Police and has been charged with three counts of sexual assault by a guardian, a felony charge. She was arraigned in Pocahontas Magistrate Court. A mugshot photo has not yet been released.

Additional details of Sammantha Bartley’s bio and background have been culled from her Facebook page which indicates that she attended West Virginia University and is an agriculture teacher and adviser at Pocahontas County High School.

The story is developing; check back for more details on the arrest of Sammantha Bartley.

Photos: Sammantha Bartley
Credit: Facebook

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