Jan Rooney, also known as Jan Chamberlain, was the wife of Mickey Rooney, the legendary Hollywood star whose career spanned more than 80 years. With the death of the icon at age 93 there is a renewed interest in his incomparable legacy in cinematic history as well as in the family he left behind.

Jan Rooney and Mickey Rooney

Photo: Jan Rooney and Mickey Rooney
Credit: PR Photos

The 74-year-old Jan Rooney was the 8th wife of Mickey Rooney and had been married to him since 1978. Ava Gardner was among his previous spouses.

The actor’s death was widely reported in media, with TMZ among the first to break the news of his death. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jan Rooney said she had not seen her husband since last April and learned of his death from TMZ’s report and also said that he had been living with one of her sons, Mark Aber, and his wife in Studio City, California.

There had been a split in the family in the final years of the actor’s life. In 2011, at age 90, Mickey Rooney delivered emotional testimony before Congress alleging elder abuse at the hands of a family member, one of Jan Rooney’s sons, Christopher Alber. Rooney alleged in his testimony at a Senate committee hearing that Alber had taken advantage of him financially, and had even withheld medicine and food from him. Both Alber and Jan Rooney denied the allegations. A settlement agreement was later reached in the case.

Until recent years, the couple was frequently seen on the red carpet as the photos below reveal. Their lives had been intertwined personally and professionally, and it was impossible to speak of the details of the Jan Rooney biography without noting their numerous collaborations. An actress singer and entertainer in her own right, she was born in Los Angeles in 1939, and was known variously as Jan Chamberlain and Janice Chamberlain.

She married Mickey Rooney in 1978, as noted, when she was 39 years old and he was 57 years old. It was her second marriage; previously she had been married to Lynn Aber, the father of her sons Christopher Alber and Mark Alber.

Now sadly the world has lost an incomparable Hollywood legend. Our prayers and condolences for the family, loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Photos: Jan Rooney and Mickey Rooney
Credit: PR Photos

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