Demi Lovato has had some nude photos leak to the Internet. She is topless in some of the pictures, naked in others, and in bed with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in others. How they surfaced online for now is a mystery.

Demi Lovato

Photo: Demi Lovato
Credit: PR Photos

By now it almost seems inevitable. Pictures find a way of leaking online. Be they explicit, topless, nude selfies, what have you they seem to find their way to the Internet. And, the story always has the same format, the same questions. Who, what, when, where, why?

And beyond the basic facts of such leaks speculation generally runs in both directions — intentional leak to get publicity for XYZ or genuine, unfortunate leak?

It is the same story. It’s just the names of the celebrities that change.

This time it is Demi Lovato, the 21-year-old pop star who has gone full-force — admirably so — towards becoming a role model after her 2010 stint in rehab, and her new book. “Staying Strong: 365 Days A Year.”

She is in bed with her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in most of the pictures and in some, completely naked, she is facing the camera. She has not been caught in a cheating scandal, and she is not on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. And she is not 16 years old. So presumably consenting adults.

All well and fine except private life is private life until it finds its way on the World Wide Web and has an audience bigger than that for all of her music videos combined. Forget VEVO 24-hour viewing records. Nude pics on the Internet win every time. And what will all of that literal exposure translate into?

With Demi Lovato that is very much the question.

Thus the story is not just the pictures which have gone viral online. It is also how will she react. Hours have gone by with no explicit statement, but there has been a cryptic Tweet in Spanish: “Soy fuerte. Soy luchadora. Asi que no me subestimen.” Pug it into Google Translate and you get: “I am strong. I am a fighter. So do not underestimate me.”

The uncensored and NSFW pictures if you are inclined can be seen here where you will find the link to the photo gallery.

As time goes by, the sting and the stigma of such leaks does fade. So no doubt Demi Lovato the self-described fighter will survive!