LaTangela Williams is a former high school teacher Selma, Alabama who has pleaded guilty to having sexual relations with two students and for taking explicit photos. She has been sentenced to 14 months in jail as part of a plea deal.

LaTangela Williams

Photo: LaTangela Williams

The 36-year-old LaTangela Williams (mugshot photo above; another photo is below), was a health teacher at Selma High School, in Selma, Alabama. In April 2013 Selma police arrested her at the school and the story quickly went from a local report to national and international news.

She was charged at that time with several felonies; possession of obscene matter containing visual depiction of persons under 17 years of age involved in obscene acts, electronic solicitation of a child, and enticing a minor for immoral purposes. She was also charged with a misdemeanor; school employee having sexual contact with a student.

According to Selma-Times-Journal, several months later — in October — she was charged with an additional felony for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a student younger than 19.

The newspaper further reports that she pleaded guilty to both felony and misdemeanor charges — which represent separate incidents — as part of a plea deal in Dallas County Circuit Court.

LaTangela Williams was sentenced to 10 years for the felony charge of having sex with a student — which was suspended — and will serve 14 months in jail and three years probation. For the misdemeanor charge of sexual contact with a student, she was sentenced to 12 months to be served concurrently with the 14 months for the felony charge. She must also surrender her teaching certificate.

The newspaper confirmed via a acting Selma City Schools Superintendent of Education Larry DiChiar that Williams is no longer an employee of the school system. He is quoted as saying, “When I heard the outcome, my heart went immediately to those students who were the victims of her actions while under her care. It is my hope that this verdict sends a strong message to anybody who is entrusted with our children that this kind of behavior will never again be tolerated.”

With that, he eloquently voices the sentiments and concerns of many. We have seen far too many of these cases of sexual abuse in the school system, as educators continue to take advantage of and exploit the impressionable and vulnerable students. It is nothing less than an outrage.

A video report is below along with LaTangela Williams’ booking photos.

Photos: LaTangela Williams

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