Lynette Trotta is a Catholic school teacher in Baltimore, Maryland who has been arrested for the alleged sexual abuse of a 17-year-old male student. She has been charged with several felonies.

Lynette Trotta

Photo: Lynette Trotta

The 33-year-old Lynette Trotta (mugshot photo above; another booking photo is below), was a science teacher at Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, Maryland, a prestigious Roman Catholic men’s high school. Trotta is a resident of Parksville, MD.

According to ABC 2 quoting from an official Baltimore City Police source, the alleged victim, a 17-year-old student at the school told police investigators the sexual contact with the teacher began with texting and emailing which became sexually explicit.

The student said that he and Trotta engaged in kissing and other forms of physical contact during school hours in Trotta’s classroom when she would have him released from study hall to spend “quality time” with her. He also alleged that that on more than one occasion he left after school activities without getting permission from his guardian and that he and Trotta had sex in her vehicle.

Investigators determined that the alleged sexual contact between Trotta and the 17-year-old student began last December and continued for several months. Police first learned of the alleged sexual relationship when a librarian at the school who reported it on April 1 to the Archdiocese of Baltimore which then informed the police.

Baltimore Police arrested Lynette Trotta and she was charged with fourth-degree sex offense by a person of authority, sex abuse and sexual solicitation of a minor. She remains in jail on a $250,000 bond.

According to a written statement from the Archdiocese, both Lynette Trotta and the librarian, Annette Goodman, were suspended from their jobs. The librarian was suspended for allegedly knowing about the alleged relationship for several weeks and for failing to report it immediately. This is a violation both of school policies as well as state law.

The statement also notes that Trotta had been a teacher at the school since 2007. As for additional details on Lynette Trotta’s bio and background that have been reported, according to CBS Baltimore she is married to a fellow teacher at the school.

A video report is below along with the booking photos. Check back for updates on this developing story.

Photos: Lynette Trotta

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