Ellen Wermeling is a high school guidance counselor in Texas who has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sexual intercourse with a male 12th grade student him on more than one occasion after initial contact on Instagram. She has been charged with a felony.

Ellen Wermeling

Photo: Ellen Wermeling

The 32-year-old Ellen Wermeling (mugshot photo above), was a counselor at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas at the time of the alleged incidents.

According to a report by Khou.com, quoting from official court documents Wermeling is alleged to have engaged in sex multiple times with a male 12th grade student and communicated with him on Instagram.

School officials became aware of the alleged relationship when the student told a coach he had had sex with Wermeling more than once. The school principal then informed the Aldine ISD Police Department of the allegations and gave them screenshots of the alleged Instagram conversations between the student and the teacher. Some of the messages indicated that the student had been at the teacher’s residence.

Police interviewed the alleged victim who told them of as specific incident on February 28 in which he sent a message on Instagram to Ellen Wermeling saying he was at home and bored and had nothing to do. The victim further alleged that she picked him up in her vehicle and drove him to her apartment. He said that they watched a movie together and he started messaging her shoulders which then led to a sexual encounter, including sexual intercourse. He alleged that there were two other incidents in which they had sex together.

According to the documents, Ellen Wermerling denied the alleged incidents and also denied that she had ever communicated with the teenager on Instagram. The documents further reveal that her Instagram account was closed on the same day (March 25) that she became aware of the allegations and the existence of screenshots.

She was subsequently arrested and charged with a felony, with improper relationship between an educator and a student. She posted $10,000 bond and was released.

Few details of Ellen Wermeling’s bio and background have been made publicly available. She was a counselor at MacArthur High school since 2005 and, according the Aldine Independent School District — confirmed via a written statement — she was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.

The story is developing; check back for updates on the arrest of Ellen Wermeling.