Lorraine Bracco spoke out about her weight loss in an interview. The former ‘Sopranos’ star revealed details on her diet and fitness secrets which enabled her to lose weight and keep it off after years of being content with being overweight.

Lorraine Bracco Lorraine Bracco

Photos: Lorraine Bracco
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The 59-year-old actress is now seen in Rizzoli & Isles spoke with ABC News about her weight loss success and how she did it. She said her previous weight had been 183 pounds and that she had lost 35 pounds.

She has a new book forthcoming entitled ‘To the Fullest,’ which has diet tips and recipes and will be published by Rodale Press next year. In the meantime she shared some tidbits in the interview.

She revealed the impetus for making the change was the aftermath of her parents’ deaths in 2011. She said, ““The last person on the ‘take care of’ list was me. I let myself go. We were sitting there, dividing [their] medications, who gets what when. It was insane. I watched and realized, “I don’t want to go like that.”

As for how she did it, she revealed she had made major lifestyle changes after hiring a life coach. She got rid of dairy, sugar and gluten. She also said that she replace most grains with quinoa.

She confessed a previous weakness for Twizzlers — noting that she hadn’t had any for three years — but now finds satisfaction with Kind bars and fruit instead.

In eating Twizzlers recently after such a long hiatus she said, “‘I ended up spitting it out because I no longer have a taste for it. It was so sugary, it was almost like poison to me.”

She also talked about her workout routine — Pilates class three times a week. She said of it, “I love that there are women who are in their 80s in my class and there were kids who are 23.”

She drew a contrast with how she feels now, saying, ‘I am still a vibrant, contributing human being and I am not dead yet. I laugh because I used to wake up and everything ached before I got out of bed. Now I jump out of bed! I’m doing something right.’

She certainly looks like she is on a success path. You can see the marked contrast in the earlier photos and her more recent red carpet pictures below.

Photos: Lorraine Bracco (Before and After)
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