Geena Rocero is a model who has come out as transgender in a Ted Talk. See the video and pictures and find out more about her remarkable life story and journey and why she has chosen to come out.

Geena Rocero

Photo: Geena Rocero
Credit: Twitter

The 30-year-old Geena Rocero gave a TED talk on International Transgender Day of Visibility in Vancouver, Canada and it was on this occasion that she came out as transgender in the course of a moving speech.

She said in part, “All of us are put into boxes by our families, by our religion, by society. But some people have the courage to break free from the beliefs of the people around them.”

She also reflected upon her own life story, saying, “Every day I am so grateful because I am a woman. I was assigned a boy at birth based on the appearance of my genitalia,. I am lucky I have a mom and dad and family who accepted me for who I am. Many are not so fortunate.’

As for the details of the Geena Rocero biography, she was born in the Philippines and, as she herself has said so eloquently, had an early awareness of her true gender identity. At age 15 she entered a transgender beauty pageant and came in second place.

She moved to the U.S. at age 17, and lived in San Francisco. She underwent gender reassignment surgery at 19 and had her gender officially changed in the state of California. She later relocated to New York City where she signed with Next Model Management and has remained with them for more than a decade.

She is now branching out into activism in a big way and is founder of a new organization Gender Proud. You can see more Geena Rocero pictures below as well as the TED talk video in which she comes out as transgender.

Photos: Geena Rocero
Credit: Twitter

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