Jennette McCurdy has had some selfie photos leak. For the Nickelodeon ‘Sam & Cat’ star this spells trouble as she just the latest young actress to find herself in jeopardy over photos some deem scandalous and racy. Now the show itself is in jeopardy.

Jennette McCurdy

Photo: Jennette McCurdy
Credit: PR Photos

The 21-year-old Jennette McCurdy is a costar of the popular series alongside Ariana Grande who, coincidentally had a nude photo leak that was an April Fool’s Day prank. Despite the sudden unwanted attention, there were no photos to go viral.

Jennette McCurdy has not had that same luck with some selfie photos that were meant for one person — allegedly her alleged boyfriend NBA Detroit Pistons player Andre Drummond who has been blamed for the leak (which he denies). We know how the “selfies sent to one person” saga goes. And so they went viral. Googled, downloaded, uploaded. We know the drill. Once the photos are out there…They. Are. Out. There. Forever and ever in the digital world where there is no delete button and where lawsuits and other such threats are futile. The photos are ridiculously easy to find; just Google “Jennette McCurdy selfie” and you will find the somewhat NSFW images in question.

Yes, it’s all over now, and in the aftermath there are consequences.

Jennette McCurdy was noticeably absent from the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards and, in case her absence were to go unnoticed — extremely unlikely — she took to Twitter — TwitLonger, in fact — to explain it, saying, in part: “I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me. I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing.”

Now, as the days unfold, her future on the show is in jeopardy. In fact the show itself is in jeopardy.

What started as seemingly another racy photo scandal has gotten much bigger. ‘Sam & Cat’ has been a popular show on the channel with high ratings. It was assumed it would have a second season with its co-stars who are famous in their own right, Ariana Grande in particular as she has gone on to have a dual career as a pop music diva.

Now production of the show itself has gone on hiatus despite its popularity and, as The Hollywood Reporter reports, a second season has not yet been ordered. The official statement from Nickelodeon reads in part: “We are wrapping up what was an unusually long production cycle of Sam & Cat, and everyone is understandably tired. We are going into our production hiatus next week which will give everyone on the show a much needed rest.”

TMZ claims it is about money as Jennette McCurdy makes less of it than Ariana Grande. If that is the case, then nearly nude photos are, pardon the mixing of metaphors, just a smokescreen.

Whatever it is, ‘Sam & Cat’ the show is up in the air. Ironic as it is now more famous — as is its photo-scandal star — than ever before. But that’s how it goes!

Check back for updates on the brewing scandal which began with semi-nudity and now allegedly has become about filthy lucre.