Brittany Murphy’s final movie, the psychological thriller ‘Something Wicked’ finally opens in theaters and a new trailer has made its debut online. Watch glimpses of the last movie the ‘Clueless’ actress appeared in before her untimely death in 2009. Interest in seeing the star delivering an intense and memorable performance is high.

Brittany Murphy

Photo: Brittany Murphy
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, years have gone by since the sudden and shocking death of the 32-year-old Brittany Murphy. It was a death that was subject of speculation and sensationalist claims that for a time overshadowed the actress herself.

Finally with this new trailer we can get a glimpse once again of the acting talent that catapulted her to stardom, and at the same time, a much different side of the actress who rose to fame in the iconic comedy ‘Clueless.’ While we saw a dramatic turn in ‘8 Mile,’ it does not prepare us for what we see in ‘Something Wicked.’

The movie, shot in 2009 on location in Oregon, was directed by Darin Scot from a script by Joe Colleran. While not a bona fide slasher style horror flick, the premise alone is unsettling and filled with violence chronicles the events unfolding when a young couple (portrayed by John Robinson and Shantel VanSanten) who want to get married are instead coping with the aftermath of disaster and tragedy.

Brittany Murphy’s character is Susan, the girlfriend of the would-be bride’s brother and a psychiatrist determined to get to the bottom of what is splitting the couple apart. It proves a job not for the fainthearted.

Final roles that are not intended to be final roles — it’s hardly as if Brittany Murphy set out to deliver a swan song performance and then sail off into retirement — heighten our interest and leave us wondering what could have been.

Perhaps we can draw a parallel to the late Heath Ledger whose haunting portrayal of the Joker iin ‘The Dark Knight’ was all the more intense and terrifying because it was the last that we saw of him. Or more recently the late Paul Walker who was so searing in a dramatic role, in ‘The Hours’ as a desperate father trying to save his newborn during Hurricane Katrina.

Similarly, Brittany Murphy gives a performance that will linger in the mind. Thankfully, the movie at long last will be released, first in Eugene, Oregon and later in select cities. And from there it will live on in DVD and whatever future formats movies may eventually evolve.

But in the meantime, we do have the first trailer video below!