Natalie Guercio is among the stars of ‘Mob Wives’ the reality TV series on VH1. The attractive brunette is in the news apart from the program that brought her initial fame and interest in seeing photos and finding out more about her is thus on the rise.

Natalie Guercio

Photo: Natalie Guercio
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It’s one thing to get the notice of those who are faithful viewers of the show, but sometimes, a reality TV star is getting notice in what we can call the “real world” outside of the “reality television” world. Such is the case with Natalie Guercio.

Whether one calls her brazen and outspoken or even controversial, these days a buzz is a buzz and no doubt she will use it to her advantage. Also known by her full name, Natalie Elise Guercio, and the nickname “Vegas,” she herself told RadarOnline in an interview, “Me, I’m my own person. I do as I please and as I feel.”

She finds herself in the news as TMZ reports she was allegedly caught up in a brawl with a bouncer at a strip club in Philadelphia, Delilah’s Gentleman’s Club. She was there to judge an Entertainer of the Year contest. Reportedly she was punched in the face. TMZ goes on to note there was a police report, and she declined to press charges and was treated for injuries — a bruised face — at a hospital.

As is always the case, when there is a new and outspoken reality TV star, the curiosity runs high. So what are some of the details of the Natalie Guercio biography that have been unearthed? She was born in 1982 in Philadelphia, PA, and prior to joining the cast of ‘Mob Wives’ her profession — which one might likely think might possibly be as an actress or a model — was a stylist. She is also involved in the family business in Philly, the Carto Funeral Home, which her grandfather Nunzio Carto owns. She has a 9-year-old son, and is no longer involved with the child’s father.

You will easily find her in social media including Twitter as well as on Instagram. She also has a Facebook fan page and thousands of fans.

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Photos: Natalie Guercio
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