Svetlana Shusterman is a reality TV star known for her appearances on the MTV ‘The Real World’ series. The Ukraine-born beauty is in the news again and many search for photos — which you can see here — and to find out more about her.

Svetlana Shusterman

Photo: Svetlana Shusterman
Credit: Twitter

Svetlana Shusterman rose to fame on season 17 of reality TV series ‘The Real World Key West.’ While active in social media, she is now in the news again, as she has taken out a temporary restraining order against Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of the band Incubus.

As TMZ reports, she claims that Boyd has stalked her for years and recently has been threatening her life. She filed a police report noting that he had tracked her down in his car and yelled at her saying he was going to kill her. She relocated and, alleges, that he was able to again track her down.

For his part, according to TMZ, Boyd denies these allegations, through a rep who says he knows nothing about these alleged incidents and does not know the person who filed the report.

This developing story has now renewed interest in the reality TV star who was last seen on MTV several years ago. The details of the Svetlana Shusterman biography that are publicly available are sparse. She is 28 years old and was born in Ukraine in 1985. With her long dark hair and actress / model looks it is easy to see how she became popular in the reality TV realm.

She was a teenager when she appeared on ‘The Real World: Key West’ on season 17 in 2006. She was later seen in another reality TV show, ‘The Challenge.’

As noted, she is active in social media, Twitter as well as on Instagram. She also has a Facebook fan page where she describes herself simply as “artist.”

Check back for more details and updates on the recent developments. Meanwhile, there are more Svetlana Shusterman pictures below.

Photos: Svetlana Shusterman
Credit: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

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