Liz Dickson is a model who is suing Playboy and as news travels of the lawsuit, for a golf stunt which went terribly wrong, there has been a rise in interest in the brunette. See some photos and get the latest updates on this developing story.

Liz Dickson

Photo: Liz Dickson
Credit: Facebook

Liz Dickson, also known as Elizabeth Dickson, has found sudden and strange fame, not for her physical beauty, but for the circumstances outlined in a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court against Playboy Enterprises and comedian Kevin Kline, the host of one of its shows.

As TMZ Sports reports, referencing the lawsuit, Liz Dickson was at a Playboy golf tournament in 2012 and it was there that she agreed to take part in a bizarre stunt involving a golf club and a golf tee.

The comedian Kevin Kline was to take a swing at a golf ball which was placed on a golf tee which she agreed to hold between her butt cheeks. Unfortunately, Kline missed the shot, striking her in the butt and, according to the lawsuit, she alleges she suffered permanent injury. She is seeking $500,000 in damages and alleges battery and negligence.

The full lawsuit is not publicly available as of yet. Similarly, there are few details that have been reported about the modeling profile — the height, weight, measurements and other stats — and background and bio of Liz Dickson. CBS Los Angeles quotes a Facebook posting naming her a 2011 “Girl of Playboy Golf Winner” noting that she is from South Lyon, Michigan, works as a model and has a son.

The story is developing so check back for updates and further information which we well add as becomes available. Meanwhile, you can see several more Liz Dickson pictures below.

Photos: Liz Dickson
Credit: Facebook

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