Leah Skye Malan is reportedly the new girlfriend of South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius, known as Blade Runner, who is on trial for murder of model Reeva Steenkamp, his girlfriend at that time. Photos and the latest developments on the story are here.

Leah Skye Malan

Photo: Leah Skye Malan

In the midst of what is in South Africa the trial of the century, and sparking worldwide interest as well through international broadcast on multiple channels, the 27-year-old double-amputee Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius’ is reportedly dating Leah Skye Malan (picture above), a 19-year-old student paramedic.

As first reported in The Sun in the UK and picked up in several media outlets worldwide, including MailOnline, Pistorius reportedly met Malan in Mozambique in December, before the start of the trial, where she was on vacation with family members. This is according to the paper’s unnamed source who also asserts that her family has met him and “embraced him.” oOf their relationship, the source claims she is “helping him through a difficult time. ”

A “difficult time” is quite the understatement as Pistorius stands trial for the February 14, 2013 Valentine’s Day murder of Reeva Steenkamp whom he shot through a closed bathroom door in his home. While his defense team asserts that he fired shots through the bathroom door at believing it was an intruder in the bathroom, the prosecution attempts to prove it was the murder of Steenkamp which he committed in the midst of a domestic dispute.

Given the high profile of the trial and the swarm of media around him, The Sun quotes their source as saying that Pistorius assumes a disguise when he goes out with his new girlfriend.

Pictures of Leah Skye Malan are scarce, but the photo above as well as one from Facebook (below) have surfaced. Additionally, she has become the target of paparazzi and you can see several more photos here.

Some details of the Leah Skye Malan biography have also been scraped, in from the initial report and elsewhere. Her family lives near Potchefstroom, South Africa on a farm. She is, as noted, 19 years old, and a paramedic student, although the university has not been named. It is also being reported that she is an enthusiast of dressage.

As for Facebook, Twitter and other social media where these days we so readily can find out many details of a person’s life, Leah Skye Malan is simply not found, which has led to speculation that her accounts may have been deactivated or deleted in the wake of such sudden international attention.

The story, along with the trial itself, are still unfolding. Check back for updates and for more pictures which will be added when available.

Photos: Leah Skye Malan
Credit: Facebook

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