Nikita Bess is the girlfriend of Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson’s oldest son. The teenage couple have been seen in public and increasingly more affectionate. See pictures of the young brunette in his life and find out more.

Nikita Bess

Photo: Nikita Bess

Time marches on! The late great King of Pop’s oldest son is no longer that child hidden behind a mask. In the years since his father’s tragic and untimely death, he has become more and more of his own person, with ambition to make his mark in the entertainment world. Thus to the delight of celebrity watchers he has more than reached the dating age.

Prince Jackson’s latest girlfriend is Nikita Bess, and they were recently seen together at the L.A. premiere of the animated movie ‘Mr. Peabody and Sherman’ and quite cozy on the red carpet (pictures here). She also was seen in his company for the 12th birthday party of his brother, Blanket Jackson in Las Vegas. As the Daily Mail reports, along with pictures, the pair were holding hands. The mere fact that she was attending a private family event led to speculation is to just how serious the relationship might be.

As for what is publicly known about Nikita Bess’ biography, she offers a few details on her Facebook account, namely that she is a Los Angeles resident who attended Buckley School. Located in Sherman Oaks, CA, it is the same exclusive, private school that Prince Jackson attended. Her exact age is not known but presumably she is around 16 or 17 years old and as is readily apparent from photos she has long brown hair and is quite attractive.

She is active on Twitter @nikitabess13 where she has posted pictures of herself with Prince Jackson.

More of Nikita Bess’ pictures are below!

Photos: Nikita Bess
Credit: Twitter

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