Melissa Lindgren is a teacher in Fullerton, California who has been arrested for alleged sexual contact with at least one male student and charged with several felonies.

Melissa Lindgren

Photo: Melissa Lindgren

The 28-year-old Melissa Lindgren (mugshot above) of La Miranda, California is an eighth grade teacher at Nicolas Junior High School in Fullerton.

As the L.A. Times reports, quoting from an official statement from the Fullerton Police Department, school officials received information from “two brave students” leading them to suspect Lindgren had allegedly had sexual contact with a student. They notified the police.

Detectives then conducted an investigation at the school and determined that Lindgren had engaged in sexual behavior with one male student and possibly a second male student as well.

Melissa Lindgren was arrested. She has been charged with several felony counts which include child molestation, child annoyance and the dissemination of harmful matter to a minor. She was booked at the Fullerton police department and released after posting $100,000 bail.

In the aftermath of the arrest, the Fullerton School District posted a statement on the official Web site which reads in part: “This occurrence is in direct conflict of Fullerton School District zero-tolerance policy on staff misconduct, where the District’s teachers, faculty and staff are held to a higher standard.” The statement goes on to note that Lundgren has been placed on administrative leave.

According to the statement from the police department, Melissa Lindgren was arrested within five hours of school officials reporting the alleged incident to the police, so at least parents and the community at large can take some comfort in the quick action in the aftermath of this disturbing incident and the alleged sexual abuse of students at the school.

No additional details on Melissa Lindgren’s biography or background details have been reported other than the city in which she resides and her employment by the school district. She is due to be arraigned in court in April. Check back for updates on this developing story. A video report is below.