Updated below. Janay Palmer is NFL star Ray Rice’s longtime fiance and mother of their young child and now, his wife. The Baltimore Ravens running back got engaged to his longtime girlfriend and mother of his child a while ago. Wedding bells may be in the future, but in the meantime, the couple is in the news again.

Janay Palmer and Ray Rice

Photo: Janay Palmer, Ray Rice
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The 26-year-old Janay Palmer is not yet a bride, but her name and that of her future husband, the 27-year-old Ray Rice blaze headlines. Unfortunately, there has been an arrest at Revel Casino in Atlantic City.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, quoting from the official release from the Atlantic City police department, the casino security called the police when the couple became embroiled in a physical altercation and both were arrested as surveillance video revealed both the be involved in the fight and both striking each other. The charges were assault-domestic violence and both were released on a summons.

TMZ Sports obtained disturbing video footage which shows Ray Rice attempting to drag an unconscious Janay Palmer out of an elevator in the casino. It can be seen below.

The arrest appears to come from no where at least as far as the public is concerned. The longtime couple have dated for several years, since sometime in 2008.

While the Ravens’ Ray Rice is well known, less is known about his fiance. Which of course does not make searchers any less curious as they attempt to get the scoop on the Janay Palmer biography beyond just the basic facts which are easily uncovered these days in public records. That’s the magic or the curse of the Internet depending on whether or not you are the seeker or you are the one who does not want to be sought out.

Her full name is Janay Ashley Palmer and is is originally from Mount Vernon, New York. As is sometimes the case with athletes who find both fame and success, she is the girlfriend who knew him way back when; in this case back to the college years at Rutgers University before he was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. Fame and fortune do have their perks if you are the faithful girlfriend through it all.

In this case, the longtime girlfriend famously found herself engaged when she received both a car and an engagement ring as a college graduation present. The couple are already parents these days; as noted, she is the mother of the couple’s only child, a two-year-old daughter, Rayven.

Public records as well as headlines at the time also reveal that Janay Palmer had a previous brush with the law when she was arrested and convicted for shoplifting in 2010.

The story of this couple continues to unfold and thus far there is no news or gossip of a breakup. Check back for updates, and in the meantime, check out more Janay Palmer pictures below.

*Update. Janay Palmer and Ray Rice were married in March of this year after the initial scandal broke. Rice is in the news again as the video of him striking his then-fiance in the elevator surfaced thanks to TMZ Sports.

The shocking video which reveals him punching Palmer and knocking her out cold has resulted in the termination of his contract with the Baltimore Ravens. Originally, he received a two-game suspension, but the NFL has made their new decision in the aftermath of the release of the new video.

You can see the newly released video below.

Photos: Janay Palmer, Ray Rice
Credit: Facebook

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