Kasey Dexter is the girlfriend, the mistress of Mario Singer, and reportedly at the center of the spit and now divorce of Real Housewives of New York star Ramona Singer from her now estranged husband. What seemed to be an affair has become something a bit more elaborate.

Kasey Dexter

Photo: Kasey Dexter
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The 32-year-old Kasey Dexter finds herself in the middle of an explosive high profile divorce of the 57-year-old Ramona Singer and her husband of more than 20 years, the 60-year-old Mario Singer. The couple has an 18-year-old daughter, Avery.

The divorce has been filed, but that is often just the beginning of a wave of publicity especially when there are allegations of cheating. Even before the divorce, the split had become acrimonious. So much so it had even involved the police at once point, according to Page Six, when Ramona Singer called 911 upon discovering her husband was in their Southampton house with another woman, that being Kasey Dexter.

As the story unfolds day by day, rivaling the reality TV series for drama, even the details of the Kasey Dexter biography seem to read more like a potboiler. Her real name is Kyle Dexter, with Kasey being a nickname. Described frequently as a “socialite” she is originally from Massachusetts and has relocated to New York City. She is 32 years old and by profession a personal trainer. She was at one time employed at La Palestra on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. As all her many photos on Facebook and elsewhere attest is is blond, shapely and quite attractive. She has been photographed with numerous celebrities; some of the pictures are below — including Cameron Diaz and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Ironically among those celebrities with whom she posed with before the camera was none other than Ramona Singer before she ever met and became involved with her husband. As Star magazine reports, via RadarOnline the chance encounter was more than a year ago, in Palm Beach, Florida.

But as we know in the quest for fame — or the arrival of incidental fame, as the case may be — everything emerges most especially the public records that no one would otherwise be searching for. In the case of Kasey Dexter, RadarOnline unearthed and posted the court documents from her sexual harassment lawsuit against Gregory Peters her former boss at La Palestra, a married man with whom she had an affair. The document is an explicit chronicle of an employer-employee turned sexual entanglement gone awry, and can be seen here.

As for the affair that brought her the sudden fame, reportedly Kasey Dexter first met Mario Singer at a party during the summer out on the Hamptons and from there the relationship went from sexting to physical. Reportedly, she was not just a girlfriend but the classic definition of a kept woman, a mistress with Singer paying for her apartment, along with numerous other perks.

The relationship is reportedly off, perhaps not surviving the glare of publicity. But either way, it is not the last we have seen of Kasey Dexter, no doubt. It is an unfolding story, so check back for updates.

Photos: Kasey Dexter
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