Lindsey Duke, girlfriend of UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, has apparently had some nude photos leak to the Internet. Several naked selfies of the curvaceous blond model have gone viral and caused a searching frenzy It is not known how they were leaked or by whom.

Lindsey Duke

Photo: Lindsey Duke
Credit: Twitter

The 22-year-old Lindsey Duke is a bona fide model by looks and by profession as well as a student, like her boyfriend, Blake Bortles, at the University of Central Florida. She has even been profiled by ESPN so she is by now well known, and probably hundreds of photos all over social media, including many selfies. The blond, buxom beauty has never been camera shy and has shared many a bikini shot of herself bearing her cleavage as in the picture above.

It’s one thing to share of one’s own volition, and it’s yet another to have naked selfie pictures suddenly all over the Internet and shared and downloaded untold number of times. Your most intimate body parts suddenly in plain view of anyone with Internet access and a desire to look.

It all began when someone posted some links to some photos on Reddit with claims they are of Lindsey Duke. While there are indeed links to photos that are NSFW none clearly show her face. But they are definitely nude selfies taken by someone with a cell phone and a bathroom mirror and shot from a variety of angles. That someone has a hot body not unlike that of Lindsey Duke. You can access the page that has the links to the uncensored photos, if you wish to see them for yourself here.

She is famously more popular than her boyfriend, the University of Central Florida quarterback Blake Bortles — a rumored first draft NFL pick. Her rise to popularity has been compared to that of another college football player’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama, the girlfriend of A.J. McCarron.

While Katherine Webb got her seal of approval, so to speak from an ESPN cameraman, for Lindsey Duke, it was that aforementioned ESPN profile. And suddenly, her popularity was off the charts and for anyone Googling her name happily found millions of results. Blake Bortles’ coach, George O’Leary famously said of her popularity, “She deserves six million Googles.'”

Now unfortunately, Lindsay Duke has some unwanted Googling. But she will survive. Celebrities and public figures have endured such nude photo scandals and sometimes become more popular. After all, put in perspective, these were just a few bathroom selfies, it’s not the Lindsay Duke sex tape that people are looking for and finding.

As of yet she has not made any public comment. But this is as always a cautionary tale. Unless such leaks are deliberate — and for some apparently that’s the case — whether you are famous or not, don’t ever imagine that your naked selfies will remain safely within the confines you imagined them to have. Sadly that’s just not the case. Between hackers and vengeful ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends and careless errors, it’s no easy task to keep your digital nudity to yourself and your intended audience.

Meanwhile, enjoy some SFW but still sexy Lindsey Duke pictures below.

Photos: Lindsey Duke
Credit: Twitter, Instagram

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