Every woman wants to possess long sexy legs because they know that every man wants to pet them, but some women get more than their fair share. Meet Anastasia Strashevskaya (photos below), the Russian beauty who with her 42 inch hooves just won the famous Miss Long Legs competition which is part of the Miss Russia 2014 beauty pageant.


Biography: Anastasia Strashevskaya is just 18 years old, hailing from the small town of Novosibirsk which is located in the frigid cold of Siberia. They say that her walk melts the snow there, like a parting of the Red Sea, but we don’t have the pictures to prove such a miracle.

What we can tell you about Anastasia is that in addition to her obvious slinky beauty, she is also a smarty pants. Ms. Strashevskaya is studying to be a lawyer at the prestigious Novosibirsk Institute of Law where she is learning to use her powers of persuasion to lure juries and judges over to her point of view.

We already share her point of view at RightEntertainment.com so whatever she says goes in our book. And what she says is that positively, in no way shape or form will she entertain a modeling career. Anastasia vows that she will continue her quest for jurisprudence despite offers that are already pouring in from modeling agencies who want to book her legs in lingerie and whatever else she can wear.

“I have wanted to be a lawyer since school and deliberately came to this institute; I will not leave it under any circumstances and in the future I want to engage in civil law.”

We cannot find a Facebook page for Anastasia but we did locate her seldom-used Twitter page where she goes by the nickname Nastya Strashevskaya.

Now dear readers, tell us what you think of Anastasia Strashevskaya’s legal assets. Would you rather hire her as a lawyer or as a model?

Photos: Anastasia Strashevskaya