Dustin Lance Black is the boyfriend of Tom Daley. The Oscar-winning screenwriter was so rumored to be the man that British Olympic diver Tom Daley fell in love with and now, the couple has gone public. See the pictures and find out more.

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley

Photo: Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black
Credit: Instagram

The 19-year-old Tom Daley, an Olympic Bronze medalist in the 2012 London Olympics, came out in a YouTube video which he posted recently which quickly went viral. His decision to come out was met with with generally favorable reaction in social media — especially Twitter — as well as mainstream media, as it is still relatively rare for athletes to come out.

At the time, he did not say who his boyfriend was, but speculation — now proved conclusively correct — immediately was focused on the 39-year-old Dustin Lance Black.

Tom Daley in his first interview on television after coming out famously told host Jonathan Ross all about how he fell in love with the man whom he declined to name. He said, “I was completely overwhelmed by it….I’ve never been in a position before where I’ve been so happy.” He went on to say, “It was love at first sight. I never felt anything like it before. I hadn’t even talked to him before.”

He gushed on unabashedly throughout the interview, even as he also spoke about the difficult decision he made to go public, and to stress how important it was for people to be honest with themselves, and to avoid secrecy.

Well, secrecy no more, as far as the object of Tom Daley’s fervent love is indeed the 39-year-old Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning screenwriter of the landmark film ‘Milk’ a biopic about the late Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California — San Francisco — in the late 1970s.

Black also wrote the screenplay for the Clint Eastwood directed biopic, ‘J. Edgar,’ which starred Leonardo DiCaprio as the titular character, as late FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. He is also a noted LGBT advocate who penned the play, ‘8’ documenting the Proposition 8 battle over same-sex marriage in California.

While already well known, with many screen credits and a notable biography, Dustin Lance Black is now the boyfriend of Tom Daley and as such has become a paparazzi target. You can see many more photos of the happy couple here. They were photographed during Black’s recent trip to the UK where Tom Daley is currently a judge on the reality TV show ‘Splash’ which sees celebrities train to become divers.

Tom Daley Tweeted the picture above saying: #splash celebrations :) Beef Wellington…yes please!!!“

No doubt we can expect to see more of Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley together, as they document their relationship on Instagram and elsewhere.