Jane Seymour’s bikini photos in ‘Closer Weekly’ magazine have gone viral. At 62, she is stunning with a body that women a third of her age would envy and clamor to know her diet and fitness secrets. We are all in luck as the veteran British actress shares them in a new interview!

Jane Seymour

Photo: Jane Seymour
Credit: PR Photos

She has frequently graced the red carpet and been snapped by paparazzi, so there’s never been any question that Jane Seymour looks fabulous for her age. Indeed, fabulous for any age, as society still, unfortunately has a milestone mentality; i.e. that somehow at age 40 or 50 or 60 or 70 a woman suddenly is no longer sexy, beautiful, gorgeous or attractive. Time and time again it’s disproved even as rumors of Photoshopped pictures may abound.

The 62-year-old — and soon to be 63-year-old — Jane Seymour is the latest to defy age, in a pink bikini on the cover of Closer Weekly magazine. She told the publication, “God, I’m in better shape now in some ways than I was when I was doing the Bond film,” Jane, who starred in 1973’s “Live and Let Die.”

That’s going back several years. In the U.S. she is perhaps best known for the hit series, of the 1990s, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” and more recently, in the movie ‘Wedding Crashers’ and ‘Austenland.’

Which begs the question, what is her secret? Jane Seymour says, “I don’t do major fasts or work out crazily every day. I hope I can inspire people!” The publication notes that her height is 5-foot-three and her weight is “around 115 pounds” and that her workouts are three times a week for one hour consisting of Gyrotonics as well as spinning and light weights.

As for her dieting secrets, says, “No diets here. I hate to deny myself things. If I have pasta, I’ll just eat half of it.”

Jane Seymour also spoke out about that other perennial subject. What kind of “work” has she had done? Cosmetic surgery? Face lift? Fillers? Injections? She did express her disdain for Botox, saying, “I tried it and hated it. I’d never do it again. For me it doesn’t work because I’m an actor and I need to be able to move every part of my face.” She went on to add: “I think I’m being hired a lot because I haven’t done all the stuff everyone else is doing.”

The cover picture can be seen here.

Asked how she felt, about her age, she called it “pure joy” and went on to say, “The best thing about being 62 is being alive and healthy!”

She is a shining example of that and has been for years even as some will gawk at her bikini body and the toned abs and arms she displays and speculate about Photoshopping on the one hand or liposuction on the other. But regardless of age, that always be what naysayers say! It may take paparazzi photos to settle the argument, and to cause yet another sensation, much like that of the fellow 60-something Helen Mirren’s bikini photos from a few years ago. More recent photos of Jane Seymour below.

Photos: Jane Seymour
Credit: PR Photos

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