‘Yonce’ the latest video to premiere from the ‘Beyonce’s surprise visual album, ‘Beyonce.’ The music superstar shares the screen with three Victoria’s Secret models; Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, and Jourdan Dunn. It’s an ode to eroticism and surely a fantasy come to life for many.


Photo: Beyonce
Credit: PR Photos

To call it a sensuous video is an understatement. It’s simply what happens when you have four gorgeous women in lingerie and other such provocative attire as they dance and flirt outside in a cityscape amidst concrete of streets and the graffiti-splashed side of a brick building.

The new video has exploded onto the Internet and caused a frenzy. As headlines may lead you to believe, it’s true that Beyonce twerks in this video as only she, the Bootylicious one can twerk. Oh, and there’s more. In one scene Beyonce is caressing her own breasts. And in one of the scenes, model Joan Small closes in on Beyonce and begins to lick her. It’s wildly sensual, much like a fashion print ad with the most beautiful women imaginable that morphed into a waking dream.

But what’s the story behind the steamy video? The director Ricky Saiz, explained it in an interview with The Cut. It serves as the Cliff’s Notes for the amazing visuals. He said of the video: “I wanted to strip down any concrete narrative and wanted it to be more about the girls, doing the performance with Beyoncé taking a backseat as a kind of madam character.”

He said that it was inspired by George Michael’s Freedom! ’90 video which featured five supermodels of the era: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, and Tatjana Patitz.

He said of it “We wanted to do something more contemporary and a bit more street and, of course, use iconic black women. Beyonce wanted to push that angle – that was her request and concept initially.”

Ricky Saiz points out how the video, which was shot on location in Brooklyn — thus the authentic urban grit that a sound stage or a backlot can’t truly capture — takes off from the original. He said: “I wanted to do something sexy and provocative, but not so overt. I feel like the Mileys and the Rihannas have that covered and this was more sophisticated. There are a lot of references to nineties eroticism and Madonna videos. We shot it against one wall for the most part, so I was looking a lot of Carlo Molino photos. I feel like they are some of the sexiest photographs ever taken of women. They are so simple and voyeuristic and raw.

As for the models, Saiz said, “The girls were incredible. What a great cast. It was spontaneous and not at all contrived.’

The Cut also notes that some of the incredibly sexy fashions featured in the music video are by Anthony Vaccarello and Tom Ford for YSL.

Perhaps for many the only regret will be that the video is only two minutes long. It’s just one of 17 music videos from Beyonce’s ‘BEYONCE’ album which even after its surprise release continues to surprise even as it is on track for a second week at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 a sales of a million in the U.S. alone in just its first two weeks of release.

The ‘Yonce’ video is below along with some pictures of Beyonce’s Victoria’s Secret Angels and costars!

Photos: Beyonce, Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls, Jourdan Dunn
Credit: PR Photos

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