Nicole Kurowski is a cheerleading coach and gym teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male high school student. See her photos and find out the details, thus far, of the latest classroom scandal to make international headlines.

Nicole Kurowski

Photo: Nicole Kurowski
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It’s become an all-too familiar story. An authority figure alleged to have engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with an underage teenager.

This time it’s 27-year-old Nicole Kurowski, the physical education teacher and cheerleading coach at Tulpehocken High School in Bernville, Pennsylvania located in Berks County. It is alleged that she had sexual relations with the 17-year-old boy for 10 months, at times, during school hours on school property.

According to a report in the Reading Eagle, the Tulpehocken School District superintendent, Dr. Edward J. Albert, received a tip which he forwarded to state police in Pennsylvania as well as the district attorney. Police began an investigation and uncovered evidence including thousands of texts — some of which were sexually explicit — and pictures. Among them were some “I love you” text messages. Phone records reveal they also spoke daily.

CBS Philadelphia reports police discovered that in addition to the sexual contact at the school, Nicole Kurowski and the student also met for sexual relationships in out-of-the-way places including near a senior citizens’ housing complex.

Nicole Kurowski who had taught at the school for two years, turned herself in voluntarily. She was arraigned and the charges include institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors as well as unlawful contact with a minor. She is out on $25,000 bail and suspended from her teaching and coaching job without pay.

As of yet, the booking photo of Nicole Kurowski — mug-shot as it’s commonly known — has not been released. Her biography details are unknown.
This happens repeatedly, sadly. In this case, such a scandal has hit the local region repeatedly. As WFMZ reports, there have been five such incidents of teachers similarly accused in the region this year.

Parents, understandably are outraged, as everyone should be. The lingering effects of such sexual assaults on minors can’t be underestimated. As this case works its way through the legal system, and the accused has her day in court, let’s hope that justice is done.

One wonders, when will people learn not to commit such crimes. And yes, these are crimes regardless of how “mature” the teen may seem to be or how strong the “love” may seem to be. Are they so swept up in the moment of passion they don’t realized the consequences? The harm they are doing to young impressionable children and teenagers? Or more selfishly the end of their careers as teachers and a prison sentence and a lifetime of registering as a sex offender?

Watch video reports on this latest schoolteacher scandal and see more Nicole Kurowski pictures below.

Photos: Nicole Kurowski
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