This dress was so EPIC that I dug this photo up from back in May. I didn’t think it mattered because it was so incredible. I was thumbing through some photos of her from over the summer and it stood out.

"PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals
Photo: Beyonce Knowles
Credit: PR Photos

You can see it looks like something a modern Queen would wear. We’re talking about the boots that actually look like they are part of the dress. On any other celebrity this would be a disaster, but it matches her so well.

The high-waisted belt makes it have a very modern flair, but the pattern of the lower part of the dress is actually sort of old fashioned. The long train part of the dress makes it very regal, and stately, but the glossy, leather top breaks up the traditional look just right.

This outfit is a total win that only a certain person could pull off.

Check out some more photos of Beyonce in her fashion forward moment below. Your thoughts?

Photos: Beyonce
Credit: PR Photos