Two generations ago, Richard Nixon resigned from office in the aftermath of the Watergate break in scandal. Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein captured their reporting on the scandal in the brilliantly written “All the President’s Men,” a bestselling book that was later turned into a award-winning movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford.

Photo: Shauna Mei (right), Wesley Clark’s Wife (left)

Now we have a scandal of an entirely different generation involving a certain general who aspired to become president. General Wesley Clark is divorcing his wife of 46 years in Arkansas, leaving her for a 30 year old woman who is barely old enough to be his daughter. Mrs. Gertrude Kingston Clark is reportedly devastated by the blindside divorce. As Wesley Clark’s wife, she has been by his side through thick and thin, constantly uprooting herself to move to distant places so that he can further his military and political ambitions.

Now after 46 years, the world has learned that her husband has a girlfriend. Shauna Mei (pictures below) is the woman whom the aspiring president is leaving his wife for. In fact he has already moved out of the next they shared for decades back in Arkasas so he can be a free man to carry on with the personable Shauna Mei.

In the affairs of men and women, I try not to pass judgment. Nobody knows why men stray exactly, and nobody knows what goes on behind the bedroom doors of a man and his wife. But for Gertrude Kingston Clark, one has to feel sorry. She sacrificed her entire life for her husband’s benefit, and now that she is aging he dumped her like a hot potato for a hot chick. Readers can judge for themselves how they view such an action by a 68-year old husband.

Shauna Mei is 30-years old and quite successful in her business. She is a fashion executive based in New York City, the fashion capital of the USA, where she founded a company called AHALife. And you can judge that she has great fashion tastes in the pictures and that Clark has great taste in women. She has a tumblr blog which you can read to your heart’s content and a Facebook page to learn more about her.

To further her biography, Shauna Mei is originally from Beijing, China. She is a graduate of MIT where she studied artificial intelligence and engineering. Beyond engineering and fashion, Mei was an investment banker with Goldman’s Sachs. What a smarty pants! Gorgeous and intelligent, obviously the general has good taste in women.

Gertrude Kingston met the future general almost 50 years ago on a USO dance when he was still attending West Point military academy as a cadet. They later were married and had just one child, Wesley Clark, Jr., who is fully grown now and happens to be 8 years older than his current girlfriend. Gertrude is a devout Catholic whose views of divorce make his actions very difficult on her faith.

So readers, time to pick your favorite in this catfight. Are you on Gertrude Kingston Clark’s side, the faithful wife who has been discarded like a pair of old shoes? Or are you one of those people who believe men should get what they can in life, in his case the lovely Shauna Mei.

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