Kendra McKenzie Gill is accused of being a bomber. And did we mention that she is also a teen beauty queen, set to compete in this years Miss Utah? I don’t think this will go over well as her extra curricular.

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Photo: Kendra Gill
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Kendra McKenzie Gill is a beautiful girl. She has blue eyes and long dirty blonde hair. She is petite and has a sweetness to her, and it is easy to see why she competes in beauty competitions. She is the reigning Miss Riverton and was to compete in the upcoming Miss Utah competition. The South Valley Journal reports Gill won a $2,000 scholarship in the June 8th pageant.

However Kendra seemingly has a dark side to her and was arrested this weekend for throwing homemade bombs into neighborhoods. She was arrested after police accused her and some friends of bombing homes in Riverton. The teens allegedly made crude bombs by filling plastic water bottles with water, aluminum foil and household chemicals. Nine incidents were reported, but luckily no one was injured.

Each of the teens were held on $50,000 bond and released Sunday night.

Honestly, this is beyond dumb and I hope that she cannot compete. Some one could have been seriously hurt! I mean really, is there NOTHING better to do? how about play Brain Quest so that you don’t sound like Miss Carolina 2007.

Capt. Clint Mecham of the Unified Fire Authority said residents reported hearing explosions in their neighborhood late Friday night into early Saturday morning and that the alleged incidents went way beyond a teenage prank.

“These devices are extremely dangerous,” Mecham said. “They can cause property damage and bodily harm. They can even be deadly in some cases.”

Nichelle Spencer, a friend of the suspects, said she was surprised to hear about their alleged involvement in the incidents.

“I wouldn’t expect them, they are really good people,” Spencer told ABC News.

What are your thoughts on Kendra McKenzie Gill, Bomber and teen beauty queen?

Update: Kendra Gill has resigned her lofty title of Miss Riverton in the aftermath of the charges. She says that she and her friends made a silly mistake, the sort of things that young teenagers do in their downtime. Indeed.

Check out these pictures below and in case you want a good face palm, the 2007 Miss Carolina video.

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