You’ve seen these photos somewhere before. Long, brunette hair with a wave like the ocean breaking over her shoulders. An olive complexion with dark eyes and long, silky legs. Perfect skin. Yes this is still the picture of Simon Cowell’s girlfriends whom the world has come to know and envy for their place in the bedroom of mankind’s most eligible bachelor.

Photo: Lauren Silverman (right)
(credit Lauren Silverman / Instagram)

Their names have changed over the years, and their accents have changed too. We all remember the gorgeous Mezhgan Hussainy who was his former fiance, but she was hardly distinguishable from the equally gorgeous Terri Seymour and Jackie St.Clair. They all have the Simon Cowell “look” as you can see below in the gallery pictures.

Lauren Silverman (photos below), however, has something that none of the other women on his list have managed thus far. She happens to possess Simon Cowell’s love-child in her womanly womb, and thus she may have finally steered the lifelong bachelor into a new life of domestic husbandry. The jury is still out on just how much the baby mama will change him but we do hear that they are planning their lives together. And they sure make a cute couple (see YouTube video at bottom).

But there are some inconvenient facts to get out of the way first. Lauren Silverman is married to one of Cowell’s closest friends. Or at least he was one of his closest friends before he knocked up the wife. That man is New York real estate tycoon Andrew Silverman who is like another Donald Trump without the massive ego and self-promoting television show.

Rumor is that the couple were already splitting when you-know-who jumped into the sack with her, and for that we can all be thankful. Simon has described himself as a terrible boyfriend, but at least he is loyal to those people who have enriched his life. The women he has left in his wake have been typically well cared for with enormous homes and who knows what else has been thrown their way.

Not that husband Andrew is taking all of this laying down. He is mad as hell and just updated his divorce documents to include the claims of adultery by his lovely wife. He says that Lauren is an adulterer who by her surprising actions inflicted cruel and unusual punishment on his very person. He also has a prenup agreement for the marriage which he will fight hard to enforce, dumping Lauren’s financial needs on to his former friend.

As for her biography, Lauren Silverman is 36-years old. She had one child with Andrew Silverman so her foray into motherhood will not be the first for her but it will be for her famous lover.

She is described in tabloids as a “New York socialite” but that’s a label that applies to any woman in New York who doesn’t have to work for a living. She is not the wild party type who hits the bar scene like Lindsay Lohan, so socialite although an intriguing description is also a poor one.

We have been unable to locate Mrs. Silverman’s Facebook pages or Twitter profiles on social media so please help us if you can. We would dearly like to reach out to Lauren for an interview about this story and her improbable relationship as Simon Cowell’s girlfriend.

Now enjoy some pictures of Lauren Silverman and tell us what you think of the woman who conquered Goliath.

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(credit Lauren Silverman / Instagram)