She has done women everywhere a tremendous favor and now we apparently know her name thanks to the way she came forward publicly and the work of internet sleuths. Sydney Elaine Leathers is cute as a button and sharp as a tack, a confident woman who publicly outed a certain sex-fiend congressman from New York after exchanging naked pictures and steamy text messages. He wants to be mayor of the millions of women who reside in the Big Apple as if imprisoned there by the ragtag collection of MSP men who run the state.

Photo: Sydney Leathers
(credit Sydney Leathers / Twitter)

Not if Sydney Leathers (pictures below in gallery) has anything to do with it. If the website “Buzzfeed” is correct, she is the woman who received Anthony Weiner’s text messages reported in The Dirty, sexting messages which can be accurately described as both steamy and entirely gross at the same time.

It appears that Sydney met Weiner through the social media site Formspring, where the former congressman allegedly used the pseudonym Dangr33 to approach young women who he thought might be receptive to his advances. She used the handle sidneyelainexo, which was recently deleted according to the website report.

If Sydney is really the woman he had a relationship with, we can say that Weiner scored a touchdown from a man’s perspective. The messages are really hot and she has an active mind and gorgeous face to fit any man’s dreams of a worthwhile relationship behind his wife’s back. From a woman’s perspective, she made a mistake which she has owned up to by outing him after finally realizing his true nature.

You can follow the stories here where Sydney is discussed and here where the juiciest text messages are revealed.

You can find Sydney Elaine Leather’s Twitpic stream which has some really cool photos of the brainy beauty. There she identifies herself as a field organizer for the Obama campaign, a worthy endeavor for college students who want to make a difference in the world.

Sydney is actively involved in social media sites so you can enjoy her Twitter page but her Facebook profile (https://www.facebook.com/sydneyelainexo) is currently under the radar unfortunately. She has over 2,000 friends on Facebook and has invested many posts in promoting liberal causes. Sydney even has an old MySpace page which is remarkable for someone of her age, which tells us she has been tuned into networking since she was an early teen.

Biography: Sydney Leathers is 24-years old and active in the Democrat Party. In addition to working on the Obama campaign, she is currently a blogger for a group called the Indiana Progressive Liberals which was active in the 2012 election, although she is originally from Mount Carmel, Illinois. She graduated from Mount Carmel High School in 2008. Sydney currently lives in Princeton, Indiana. When she isn’t canvassing or blogging, Ms. Leathers’ passionate hobbies include abstract art and designing jewelry.

You can read a lot more information about Sydney’s political activities online.

One thing for sure is no matter how much difference she has made in the country through her work in the Democrat party, she has done far more good by exposing her former online lover for all the world to see. We hope that women will think twice before getting the nasty on with Anthony Weiner, a man who apparently lied to about his relationship with his wife so he could get his rocks off. Sydney Elaine Leathers turned the tables by exposing him, and for that feminists everywhere owe her a debt of gratitude for her bravery.

Update: Photos of Sydney Elaine Leathers nude in her bathroom in a thong have appeared on a popular celebrity gossip site, courtesy of our girl herself. She has confirmed that she is indeed the woman who Mr. New York had a steamy relationship with. He has a foot fetish and demanded dozens of naked pictures of Sydney.

Update 8/2013: Oh my! A Sydney Leathers porn video just became a reality thanks to the head honchos and Vivid Entertainment company. Actually I think this is a little sad given the weight she has gained since her ordeal with Weiner. However if Sydney Leathers nude is what the public really wants, that is what it will get. We don’t know how to download the sex tape for free on the internet, and besides we don’t link those things.

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(credit Sydney Elaine Leathers / Twitter)