Sometimes women make out like bandits in celebrity divorce cases. In fact that is usually the case because the men they are leaving in the dust cheat on them like alley cats. Samantha Speno-Orton (photos below) is in a different situation entirely because her divorce with wrestling hubby Randy Orton was amicable.

Oh darn. Some women have no luck so the countless millions and zillions of dollars that most celebrity men end up forking over shall remain safely in his bank accounts. Such is the settlement that the two reached after she tapped out on their six year marriage.

He gets to keep his gobs of income amounting to several million dollars each year and a giant amount of property which he accumulated after wise investments with his WWE earnings. We have to say that most wrestlers just don’t have the marbles upstairs that Randy has so at least she married well for what that is worth.

So Samantha Orton ends up in the poor house comparatively speaking. Quite literally she keeps one house out of the many that he owns. And oh yes, she does get to keep a bank account worth almost a million dollars but that is pocket change to our WWE star. You can read the details of their settlement here.

Biography: Samantha Orton married Randy on September 21, 2007, so their marriage did not quite last six years. In fact they separated with the intention of divorcing in 2012 and throw in an imaginary year of fighting and you will see that their wedding bliss did not survive the five year milestone. That’s the hard one as we all know. You can see video clips from their happier times including some wedding footage in the YouTube video below.

The couple has a cute little blond haired daughter who is now four years old. Her name is Alanna Marie Orton. Her maiden name is Samantha Speno, and she has for the longest time gone by the hyphenated name Samantha Speno-Orton. We don’t know if she will return to her former name or not. Sometimes the desire not to confuse children play into these decisions by women.

There is a Facebook page set up for Samantha which you can find here, however it goes to great lengths explaining that it is not her official page. The strange things that happen on Facebook shall never be understood by this writer, but there are definitely some cool family pictures located there. The real page claims to be here.

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