After five years of dating, Eric Trump has made an honest woman out of the stunning Lara Yunaska. His girlfriend will soon be his wife. Get the details and read all about this beautiful blonde here.

Lara Yunaska eric trump fiance
Photo: Lara Yunaska: Eric Trump’s Girlfriend
(credit Twitter)

Another Trump wedding is set ti take place, so vendors will be busy in the near future and I am sure mini Trumps will soon follow. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we will dish on details!

According to the New York Post, Eric and Lara were walking their mini-beagle, Charlie at the Trump Seven Springs estate in Bedford on Wednesday. Eric got down on bended knee and proposed to Yunaska with a fab ring from his sister, Ivanka’s fine jewelery collection. Harry Winston who?

It all sounds a bit… self involved – everything revolves around the Trump name! The location, the ring. Just kinda blah, nothing that makes you go – WOW! But then again, what in Trump world isn’t self involved?

The couple is spending the remainder of the weekend at the Trump National Golf Club, in Westchester.

As for details on Lara Yunaska, she is 30 yeas old, just a year older than her beau. She graduated from North Carolina State University, and then French Culinary Institute where she obtained a degree in Pastry Arts. However she made a drastic career change, and now is a journalist for CBS Inside Edition. She and Eric are regular socialites, attending the best of the best parties and charity events, often made a family event with his parents and siblings.

Lara also has some modeling experience, as you can see from her pictures below and she is in tip top shape. The two make for a stunning couple and I am sure they will be very happy together.

In case you didn’t know what Eric does, the young Trump is a task advisor on his father Donald Trump’s NBC reality series The Celebrity Apprentice and is also the executive vice president of development and acquisition at The Trump Organization, and leads the Eric Trump Foundation.

What do you think about Lara Yunaska, Eric Trump’s girlfriend? Is she a stunner or what?!

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