Jordan Ozuna photos are in hot demand since the rumor that she is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend and a married woman hit the net. This former Hooters waitress is making headlines but is there any truth to either of these rumors?

Jordan Ozuna

(credit credit Jordan Ozuna / Twitter)

The Biebs is caught up in the midst of a little love triangle according to Kim Ozuna, who is the mother-in-law of the chick Justin has been locking lips with lately. Bieber and Jordan were caught on camera doing a little cuddling and smooching and now it appears Kim wants the world to know that Jordan is not single. She is married to Daniel Ozuna, who currently serves in the military and is overseas right now.

Before you get too judgy here, there is more to the story. Despite Jordan and Daniel getting hitched right out of high-school, the couple are now separated and in the process of getting a divorce. So even though she may be legally married it seems that she is well with in her right to be dating someone else since a divorce is looming. It has been made clear that Jordan and Kim are estranged, which could explain why the later has chosen to speak to the media.

She is hooking up with The Biebs and she is still legally married what other deats are out there about Ozuna? Well the 22-year old is an actress and a model. She has a profile on Model Mayhem, which is a site that profiles active models but don’t think you are going to find out any info on the page. Nope her profile is unable to show according to the site. Although she was born in the East Coast, she gets her sun-kissed good looks from growing up in Guam and Hawaii. According to her Twitter feed she is a self proclaimed book worm. There is a Facebook page in her name but when you click on the link it is now inactive. As I mentioned above she used to be a Hooters waitress but it appears those days are over.

Justin Bieber’s girlfriend Jordan Ozuna, photos below, seems to have captured his eye and hear despite still being legally married. How long will this new love affair last? Who knows but in the mean time I sure can’t see how it all unfolds.

If you have additional information on Jordan or just want to share your two cents about the new romance, please feel free to do so.

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(credit Jordan Ozuna / Twitter)