When you date a woman 50 years younger than yourself, there are only two things to say. Attaboy for one, and trouble for another. Kristen Bauguess (photos below) otherwise known as Kristen Reaves is in one hot mess with the law according to reports, and did I mention that the free-spirited young chick is James Woods’ girlfriend?

Photo: Kristen Bauguess

Yes indeed that she is. When you are a successful, veteran Hollywood actor who lacks for no material possessions in life, sometimes you score big-time on the love scene. And sometimes your partner scores big time on the drug scene. Study the address record here. You can see the mugshot image in the picture gallery below.

And that my friends is what Miss Bauguess stands accused of in Georgia according to online gossip magazine Radar Online. She was arrested earlier this month in the law-abiding southern state for multiple felonies and misdemeanors including pot possessions, prescription drug possession, speeding, and get this, changing the license plates on her car! Really the normal sorts of things that happened in his old western movies where the chicks partied hard and played harder.

Ha! Just kidding. Kristen seems like a very likeable girl and we remind our readers than anyone accused of naughty behavior is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. So once she gets through this hot mess, for which you can read plenty more here, Right Entertainment wishes Kristen and James many long years together where they can laugh about the impetuousness of her youth when he is in (even) older age.

Biography: Kristen A. Bauguess was born May 23d, 1993, so she just turned 20 years old a few weeks ago. She apparently has aliases as you can find her Twitter page here under the name of Kristen Reaves.

She is quite infatuated and possibly even madly in love with the actor. Her sweet last tweet was directed to his Twitter account which simply says “no one is cuter than you.” Aww how adorable!

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