Carmela Panico, Java Juggs owner was arrested for running a prostitution ring. Coffee and a quickie anyone? Get all the details here and check out some of these intriguing pictures of bikini baristas.

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Photo: Java Juggs
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**Please note, these are pictures from Facebook. We are in no way implicating the young women shown here.**

Carmela Panico is the owner of several coffee joints that serve good coffee and an even better view. If that is what you need for your morning pickup. She has been running these shops since 2008 and in 2011 found her self in hot water for lewd conduct. Apparently b byg her bikini baristas were taking tips for pole dancing, butt shaking and boob flashing. Want more details on that along with the photos – check this out.

Well, apparently Carmela didn’t learn her lesson and now a Washington state sheriff’s sergeant is caught up in the mix because he was exchanging information on an upcoming police raid for (allegedly) getting sexual favors from the owner.

Hmm, one would think that after already being busted and rumors of having police looking into their practices, they would stop the naughty behavior. But nope, coffee goes too good with a lap dance, no? Or perhaps it was the deposits ranging from $10,000 to $66,000 that kept it going… Panico’s bankers told police that the bills often had a foul smell. Really? Really? That is SO GROSS!!! According to the bankers, Carmela said it was because ‘she maintained these denominations in her freezer at home with fish.’ The fact that it even came up in conversation is just GROSS and inappropriate on the bankers end, right? Shoudl they care if the money smells fishy?

According to investigators, O’Neill had sex with Panico and one of her employees inside a coffee stand while he was on duty and in full uniform.

Sgt. Darrell O’Neill, a 30-year veteran of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, now faces charges of conspiracy to promote prostitution and official misconduct and has been placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.

Carmela was once again arrested on charges of conspiracy to promote prostitution and permitting prostitution. Along with those two, a 22-year-old Java Juggs manager and six baristas ranging in age from 21 to 24 were also taken into custody.

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(credit Facebook)

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