Kim Shelton is naked and afraid but before you get too worried about her, it is all for a reality TV show. Discovery Channel’s new show titled “Naked & Afraid” debuted last night and it has people talking.

Kim Shelton

(credit Kim Shelton / Facebook)

England born and raised Shelton spent 21-days on a remote Costa Rica island with no clothes, no food, no water and a man she barely knew, Shane Lewis. The show is a Survivor type show, except without the clothes and Jeff Probst. Although each week will feature a new couple, Kim has already stood out and lets just say the other couples have a certain standard to live up to. If you missed the show last night never fear you can see a video clip below.

Growing up Kim spent most of her time in England, her parents were both in the military but she would spent almost every summer at Leech Lake in Minnesota. Her mother grew up in Minnesota and actually still owns a house near Bemidji. After high school Shelton went on to attend college in Washington at the Wilderness Awareness School, where she is still a student. The school specializes in natural training and environmental education. Kim is a outdoor girl through and through, despite growing up in the city. Actually she kind of had the best of both worlds, spending her school year in England and summers in rural Minnesota. The later inspired her to learn more about wildlife, which lead to her passion of the outdoors. In fact her love of the wild, so to speak has her teaching camp in the summer in the hopes of teaching kids about the wildlife.

Naked and Afraid contestant Kim Shelton was not actually afraid to bare all on the Discovery Channel’s show. She had this to say about spending three weeks in the buff on her own with a stranger and literally nothing else.

“It was the slowest three weeks of my life, but I’m really glad I did it. I’m really proud of myself. I feel like part of me would always want to do something like this if I hadn’t (done it).”

As for being naked on TV, well it is just a body according to Shelton.

“It’s just a body. As soon as you take your clothes off and you’ve been naked for a couple of minutes, it becomes old news.”

If you want to learn more about Shelton or hear about her experience be sure to check out her Facebook page. Also be sure to let me know your thoughts about the show and Kim.

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(credit Kim Shelton / Facebook)