Score! That’s the best word to describe Jonathan Toews’ girlfriend, the hot goalie who has an even hotter squeeze in the penalty box. Meet Lindsey Vecchione (photos below) who we are happy to report is getting hip-checked by her famous boyfriend anytime they feel like it.

Photo: Lindsey Vecchione

Picture gallery below and a cool video of a photoshoot for the lingerie football league that is not to be missed!

He of course is the star goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks, a giant among men, who is responsible for winning one of the most exciting playoff games in years, a triple-overtime thriller in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals in which he heroically rose to the occasion, stopping shot after shot until one of his formerly useless teammates finally scored in the wee hours of the morning.

Okay, enough hyperbole about him because we all know now that the true star in goal is his girlfriend Lindsey. We thus devote the rest of the article to properly worshiping her in a newsworthy way that our readers might just appreciate.

Biography: Lindsey Vecchione is currently a resident of Chicago, Illinois, which is a good thing for keeping her boyfriend warm at night when he is playing home games. She is a former player for the Lingerie football league and a bikini model who has been a Playboy magazine model (not nude). Read more here and here.

She use to have a much higher profile on sports sites. You know, the kinds of sports sites that like to gawk at bikini photos of beautiful WAGs like Lindsey. But she is keeping a lower profile now as she gets older. You can find her Facebook page here where she goes by Lindsey Elle Vee and still find her old MySpace page over here. Her social networking profiles are very low key, in fact we cannot locate a Twitter page for Lindsey because she has removed it.

We at Right Entertainment are now huge fans of Lindsey Vecchione but she seems to have her jealous detractors such as this one. Apparently when you are Jonathan Toews’ girlfriend, a gal just cannot please everyone.

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