It’s a sorry day when women get accused of naughty behavior and even more sorry when the allegations are untrue. Nicole Cemelli (photos below) is the New Jersey nanny-to-the-stars who been falsely portrayed in the media as Joe Giudice’s mistress.

Photo: Nicole Cemelli

Sure, you know Joe. He is the husband of Real Housewives of New Jersey superstar Teresa Giudice, the woman whose personal life is willingly displayed for countless millions of television viewers each week as we live vicariously through the lives of others. What a life we live and what a life for reality TV stars living in a fishbowl. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

But Nicole Cemelli didn’t ask to have her life thrust into the spotlight as has happened over the last two weeks. Life & Style magazine’s cover last week screamed the news report that Nicole Cemelli was having an affair with Joe in an original story that you can read here. We soon learned that she was the nanny who was hired to babysit Teresa and Joe’s four daughters. Other tabloids and gossip media picked up the storye and the rumor mill was afire.

The only problem is that all parties have denied the story and we see no reason to disbelieve them. The story is sourced to “multiple” insiders and friends but none of them are named. Meanwhile the Real Housewife is standing by her man and even talked with Nicole over the telephone this week about the affair rumors. She expressed sympathy for Nicole having to go through this and explained how interested the public is in the affairs of celebrities.

Biography: Nicole Cemelli is a recent college graduate who was hired to take care of the four daughters of the reality television stars as a nanny and was occasionally referred to as their babysitter. She is just 23 years old. The poor woman has gone into hiding on the social media sites. We have been unable to located her Facebook page or Twitter pages as we would to reach out for an interview. Any help from our readers is appreciated.

We do know that Nicole was a field hockey player in high school, a fun fact that you can see here. She is originally from Towaco, New Jersey where she graduated from Montville High in 2009. She stands a petite 5’3″ tall.

Right Entertainment wishes Nicole Cemelli the best of luck. It’s not fun with untrue rumors about you get published so we hope that she learns to take it all in stride. She has a great smile and fabulous future in front of her.

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