A blockbuster allegation has been made against one of pop culture’s dynamic duo by a little known Canadian model. Just who is Leyla Ghobadi (photos below), what is she talking about and why is she saying it? Let’s explore.

Photo: Leyla Ghobadi (right)

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No doubt that Kim K’s booty has already hit the fan after reading the latest gossip news in the tabloid magazines. We never did trust Kanye and the revelation gives us just one more reason to frown on him stealing American’s girl-in-the-bed next door. The gorgeous Ms. Ghobadi is telling anyone who will listen that she hooked up for sex on multiple occasions with the bad boy even while Kim was pregnant!

Biography: Leyla Ghobadi is currently a waitress and bartender living in Montreal, Quebec Canada although she is very much an aspiring model and actress. She has been a resident of the French-speaking province her whole life having been originally born and raised in nearby Chomedey but her parents are from Iran. She was born in 1989 so she is turning 24 years old this year. Ms. Ghobadi speaks speaks Persian and English, in addition to the language of the bedroom (French).

Physically Leyla bares a striking resemblance to a certain someone’s pregnant girlfriend. She stands 5’5″ ‘tall with gorgeous eyes, long flowing hair and a sexy tattoo on her left arm and another on her right foot. She graduated from Concordia University in Montreal in the class of 2009 with a degree in marketing & communications. Rather ironic collegiate focus given the level of communication that is going on now! You go girl.

Leyla is not shying away from the story as you can see in her Twitter page located here. She has lashed out at our friends at Gossip Cop for calling her a liar, and she dropped the bombshell that he is still trying to get her in the sack. “He called me a week ago to hook up again. If I was pregnant with his child I would want to know.”

Although the Twitter page is new, you can also find here which has been established for a long time and contains a lot of biographical information about our new favorite naughty girl.

Right Entertainment reached out to Leyla and Kanye for comment on this story. You can read more of the details right here after blowing up the cool Instagram pictures of Leyla Ghobadi and watching the video below. Cheers!

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