They say that all good things must come to an end, and apparently celebrities have more good things than the average Joe. Meet Susan Avett (photos below), whose good thing has come to and end as Seth Avett’s wife thanks to his naughty affair with a hot brunette Jennifer Carpenter who is the star of the Dexter television series.

Photo: Susan Avett

Biography: Formerly known as Susan Kay Adkins, Susan Avett is currently residing in Charlotte, North Carolina where she is intimately involved in the music business as you can see on her Linkedin page which is located here. She lists her employment as an assistant for the Avett Brothers band so that was a nice gig her hubby fixed her up with when they were together. There are only two Susan Avett’s in the United States and they are both in North Carolina! She is not the Susan Avett who co-owns a welding company in Concord, North Carolina. That’s his mom!

We do not know if she is still working with him or the band. We doubt it given the circumstances of their split. Sadly he stopped singing “her” song a while back, which he wrote to commemorate their month of January wedding. You can hear and watch that song in the YouTube video below.

The couple were married in January 2008 and have no children who would have been devastated by their separation and divorce. You can view some of the wedding photos from their historic day right here. The marital bliss apparently did not last long as he was getting close with Jennifer only three years later in 2011.

She has been an advocate for “Safe Alliance” which brings awareness to the terrible issues of rape and domestic violence in homes. Her hubby described her work for this organization at a recent concert: “My wife, Susan Avett, is a victim advocate for Safe Alliance and has been for a couple of years. So I’ve had sort of a unique experience getting to see sort of behind closed doors how an organization like that works and how it runs, and how little fuel it has to run.”

She was known in the music works for her smart fashion sense and striking blonde hair which she tended to wear straight and not too long. She really has a great look about her. You can read the letter Seth posted on his website below. Short and to the point, showing that he values his privacy very highly.

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Video: January Wedding