We’ll call this a do-over that nobody would notice if it weren’t for teen moms getting television shows just because people like to watch their train-wreck lives. Miranda Patterson (photos below) is now Mrs. Corey Simms’ wife, the sort of semi-famous ex-husband of teen mom star Leah Messer. Wife #2 has already changed her Twitter name to Miranda Simms, so there is no question that she has given herself to her foxy man.

Photo: Miranda Patterson

Radar Online reported the news this week but they maddeningly misspelled her name as Miranda Paterson. Oh well, she won’t be needing that one anymore either way. You can read that story here.

Biography: Miranda Patterson is from the small country town of Clendenin, West Virginia. She has three beautiful children of her own, a son and two daughters who are all between two and five years old today. She is a bombshell blonde with a gorgeous smile and amazing figure even after child bearing. She graduated from Point Pleasant High School located in Marshall, West Virginia, in the class of 2008. The Facebook group page for her old high school is lit up with messages of congratulations to Miranda.

We already mentioned Miranda’s Twitter page which you can find here. It includes a ton of gorgeous photos of Miranda and her lucky new husband and some awesome tweets about the wedding such as: “Spending the night before our wedding with my best friend.”

And then there is: “Today in just a few hours, @CoreySimms2 and I will be joined in marriage. Happiest and most blessed day of my life. I love you handsome :)” Don’t you just love those smiley faces on social media?

Speaking of which you can see a Facebook page for her here which has the awesome just married photo behind the manly pickup truck that belong to her new man. You get in the car and go girl!

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