Some women have all the luck. That is especially true for Thurayyah Mitchell, who was the secret mistress of NBA basketball star Stephon Marbury for just long enough to collect a handsome reward. Now she is back in the news for collecting on an age old debt.


Our story begins way back in 2006 when Latasha Marbury (photo above) and her naughty husband fired the family chef. Her name we now know was Thurayyah Mitchell, and we also know that the man of the house was boinking this beautiful chef behind his beautiful wife’s back. We only know this juicy detail because Stephon not only cannot keep his pants on but he also cannot keep an agreement.

Thurayyah agreed not to go public with the illicit affair in exchange for some cold hard cash. She settled with him for a cold million dollars and signed a confidentiality agreement that was in effect as long as he kept up with the payments. You see, dear readers, paying off your mistress is like paying off a new car loan. As long as you keep up with the payments nobody has a problem with it.

Unfortunately her happy go lucky sugar daddy began missing payments in 2010, and Thurayyah did what every red-blooded American girl would do under the circumstances. She took him to court to enforce the agreement and to make a long story short he was ordered to pay up in full. And alas, because she had to sue him, everyone and their brother found out through the public records that the mister is a big cheat. So he is out a cool million bucks AND everyone knows anyway. Fool!

Biography: We normally include biographical information on all of our subjects but in this case Thurayyah Mitchell is an open book. She has no Facebook page or Twitter presence we can find, so we cannot get in touch with her for an interview or tell you anything more about her life. All we know is that she is a professional chef, and what she wasn’t cooking up in the kitchen she was cooking up in the bedroom. Please help us if you are able.

Unfortunately for Thurayyah Mitchell, although she won the judgment against him he still hasn’t ponied up the dough. So she went back to court this week to have his assets seized, most notably his ridiculously expensive Mercedes and 4-wheel drive vehicles. You go girl!