Michael Douglas’ wife is of course the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones. We all know that, but some of us have forgotten that Diandra Douglas (aka Diandra Luker) is his ex-wife, and a co-equal party to one of the most famous divorce settlements in entertainment history. She walked away with a bank vault stuffed with millions of dollars, and he walked away with something nasty.

Photo: Diandra Douglas

That something nasty is bad feelings and apparently nothing more. Diandra says that she is not the source of his throat cancer, which was apparently “caught” by giving oral pleasure to an unnamed woman who had HPV virus at some point in his life. We can rule out his current wife Catherine because nobody, but nobody talks about their wife that way.

But their ex-wife? All eyes were turned toward Diandra Douglas who has stamped down the silly rumor. No, she did not give her ex-husband throat cancer, ladies and gentlemen. You can read the denial here and then please move on with your lives.

Her famous ex is quite the chump for putting this sensational claim out in the public eye. He didn’t specifically mention Diandra but he must have known everyone would start thinking about her in that way. And his medical training is less than satisfactory on this score. Experts are raising eyebrows about the claim that he caught throat cancer from giving oral sex to a woman. Yes it is possible but not very likely.

Biography: Diandra Douglas was born Diandra M. Luker in 1956 so she turns 57 years young this year. She has three film credits to her name as a producer for documentary shows on television.

She married you-know-who in a lavish wedding in 1977, one that eventually ended in divorce after 23 years in 2000. That was enough time for the court to award her a substantial $45 million dollar settlement for half of his earnings during this period. The split regularly makes the list of most lucrative divorce settlements in history. The famous couple have one son, Cameron Douglas, who was born in 1978.

And now we know that Diandra Douglas does not have HPV, something we shouldn’t have to know if it were not for her ex’s big mouth!