Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot lately, now the neighbors are complaining about him driving his $230,000 Ferrari recklessly around the gated community where little kids play.

Justin Bieber (credit PR Photos)

Justin Bieber
(credit PR Photos)

According to TMZ the Biebs has been spotted driving around at ungodly speeds putting lives at risk. His Ferrari can go from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds and neighbors say he is flying past.

Reports are that former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson was one of the callers who called police to complain about the music star. He tried to take pursuit in his Prius, which obviously is no match for the Ferrari.

Over the weekend, there were several residents that called to say that they had spotted the white Ferrari 458 Spider racing at dangerous speeds in the residential area.

Now the police are investigating the allegations. The singer lives in an exclusive gated community in Calabassas, California. Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, told ABC News Radio that a couple of people had spotted the star driving “extremely erratically, at high rates of speed.” Local police responded after they received the call.

“Two witnesses have already come forward and filed a report,” Whitmore said. “We’re investigating this as misdemeanor reckless driving, and planning on presenting the case to the DA.”

Whitmore also added that this was not the first time Bieber had been accused of driving erratically in his neighborhood.

Prosecutors are still reviewing an incident that involved the singer back in March when a neighbor confronted him about his reckless driving and he allegedly spit on him.

Bieber’s reps had not responded to requests for comments on this latest incident. The young man has been plagued by bad press and by others in the business calling him unprofessional for showing up late at concerts. The latest celebrity to call him out on his behavior was Jon Bon Jovi, who said that you don’t treat fans with such disrespect.

Bieber owns several expensive vehicles that total into the millions of dollars.

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Source: Shine Yahoo and ABC News