The strange case of a young woman found dead in a high-powered lawyer’s bathtub has caused a few ripples in the web this weekend. Julia Papazian Law’s body was found in Charles Peruto’s bathtub while he was out of town, and so far, there doesn’t appear to be a logical explanation.

Julia Papazian Law

Photos: Julia Papazian Law
Credit: Facebook

There is always a feeling of mystery when the wealthy and respected are involved in mysterious deaths. People always suspect the worst, and immediately begin to cry foul about corruption.

In this case, so far, there is not anything corrupt or foul to speak of. It’s just a mystery.

Attorney Charles Peruto is known for being a powerful, successful attorney in Philadelphia, where he has handled some highly publicized cases. Some were of alleged mobsters, and others were of media personalities. He reportedly has a knack for being entertaining in the court room, and of course, for earning “not guilty” verdicts for his clients.

One example of a recently publicized case he handled scored the name “the real hangover,” because it involved a television weather man who says he was drugged by girls in Miami who scammed him out of thousands of dollars. Crazy, right?

So what happens when a dead girl pops up in his bathtub? Well, for now there is no evidence to suggest he did anything wrong. He was out of town, and has not been arrested or charged.

As for Julia Papazian Law, she is apparently his paralegal, and the two were very in love.

Here is what Peruto said about her on Facebook:

“It’s very hard to find someone who really matches you on all eight cylinders. I found my soulmate hippy, and can never replace her. We worked and played, and never got enough life…I’m grateful we made every minute count, without a single dispute about anything ever. I’m especially sad for her 10-year-old brother, who was her life, along with her loving and close sisters, mother and step-father. Earth lost the best one ever. Happy birthday baby.”

Wow. Another mystery is that so far, the death is not considered suspicious, and there were no drugs on the scene.

Hopefully more details will emerge and we can at least get a grip on what may have happened. It could be just as simple as a girl bumping her head and drowning in the tub. What a way to go, eh?

Check out some Julia Papazian Law photos below. Your thoughts?

Photos: Julia Papazian Law
Credit: Facebook

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