Kirk Kerkorian’s ex-wife, Lisa Bonder, is being attacked by her former husband. The ex-spouses are in a bitter child support battle and things are getting nasty.

Lisa Bonder

They may have only been married for 28-days, almost 15 years ago but Lisa and Kirk are still at odds thanks to money and a child. Kerkorian, who is 48-years older than Bonder, agreed to pay child support for a child that was not even his. According to TMZ the blonde bombshell faked a DAN test of her now 15-year old daughter Kira. That is right, allegedly she used DNA from one of Kirk’s biological children and passed it off as Kira’s. However even after the billionaire learned the truth, he still agree to pay child support for the kid.

Fast forward 15-years and Lisa has filed papers asking for more cash, in a around about sort of way that is.. Now to catch you up, let me fill you in on just how much the blonde beauty has already received from the billionaire. For years he has been paying her $100K a month, plus gave her more than $10 million to simply just get out of his life. If that wasn’t enough she decided at one point she wanted $500K a month, crazy right. The latest legal drama though, is not directly about cash. She has filed papers to put him under a conservatorship. His response is basically that she is a liar, especially when it comes to the needs of her daughter Kira.

Before she got herself entangled in all this drama, Lisa was actually known for her tennis skills. That is right, some of you may recall the Ohio born and raised talent on the tennis circuit. She won four titles on the WTA tour during her ten years on the circuit. Back in the 1980’s she even made it to the 4th round in the U.S Open and Wimbledon. She even beat the likes of Chris Evert back in the height of her career.

Although the personal life of Lisa Bonder, ex-wife of Kirk Kerkorian, is what is making headlines for her now, her career as a tennis player initially put her in the spotlight. However these days it is all about the drama with her ex and child support for her daughter Kira, whose biological father is actually Steve Bing. Besides her daughter, Lisa also has a son Taylor Jennings Kreiss from her first marriage to Tom Kreiss.

The story of Lisa and Kirk continues and a judge will soon have to decide if a conservatorship is actually necessary. Until than I want to know what you think about Bonder and her situation. Something sure doesn’t seem right to me about this whole thing. There are words for women like Bonder and that is all I going to say.