Sometimes the shoe is on the other foot, and sometimes it is on someone else’s foot. Reema Bajaj (photos below) has experienced all sides of the law, from her days as a competent attorney to getting arrested arrested for prostitution to suing her own lawyers for essentially a breach of trust by sharing naked photos. We like “Nicki” Bajaj’s story and we feel that you will too.

Photo: Reema Bajaj (left)

The relevant details begin back in college when she was scrapping by to gain her law degree, apparently having little money but willing to do odd jobs as college students will do. One of those odd jobs appears to be going down on men for very little money, as police arrested her for soliciting oral sex with a man for $50.00. I’m somewhat suspicious about their claims as Reema is quite the stunner. The price seems far too low for such services, although I cannot speak from first hand experience. Something just doesn’t add up, and I’m not the first to note this odd part of the story.

Nevertheless she did plead guilty to a deal with prosecutors that found her with a $2,500 fine and a delayed sentence that would allow her to get the problem expunged from her record at some point in the future. It seemed like a good deal at the time, which would allow her to practice law when she obtained her law license several months later. You can read about it here.

What Reema Bajaj had not counted on was her own lawyer blabbing the matter all over town, and far worse, sharing nude photos of Ms. Bajaj with other lawyers, the judge in the case, and everyone’s brother at the courthouse. At least that is her contention, and she says that their actions ruined her reputation and is damaging her business. And who can blame her if this allegation is true.

Biography: Reema Bajaj successfully practices law in Sycamore, Illinois, where she specializes in criminal defense and divorce/family law. To our knowledge “Nicki” Bajaj (as she is known to friends) is unmarried and without children, although we are having difficulty finding her Facebook profile and Twitter page. We hope that our readers can help us, in fact, we would like to reach out to Reema for comment so that we get the full side of her story out. Ridiculous that such a frivolous matter of $50 or whatever it was ever saw the light of day.

She has raving reviews from most of her clients as you can read here. One writes “Nicki Bajaj is an excellent attorney!!!! During our case she kept us well informed and prepared for all that we would encounter during this process. She made us feel very comfortable and our situation mattered to her, it was not just a case number as the courts treat it.”

Nude photos of Reema Bajaj are not available online so you won’t them, and no, this is not her! Whatever naughty images were shared of her, if anything, is at least among those in the local court and community of Sycamore.

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